Badges numériques pour réparer le système d’éducation

Un podcast de Jacob Morgan (@jacobm) avec Jade Forester (@jade_forester) de Badge Alliance sur  les badges numériques qui pourrait être une solution aux défis des systèmes d’éducation d’aujourd’hui. Voyez ou revoyez L’éducation du 21e siècle : Michel Serres, Sir Ken Robinson et Edgar Morin.

Voici le podcast : Education Is Broken: Open Badges Might Be The Solution

Contenu du podcast :

  • The definition of  badges in a learning environment
  • The purpose and types of badges in a traditional education setting
  • Examples of educational institutions and companies that are using open badges
  • The reason why the concept of badges was developed
  • What needs to happen for employers to be able to take these badges seriously or look at these badges as a way to evaluate potential employees
  • Determine whether open badges is the solution for the future of education and competency-based learning
  • Which parts of the world are adopting open badges more than others
  • A look of open badges in the future.

Bonne écoute !

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